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At our gallery we offer paintings made in traditional manner oil on canvas. We offer artworks by both artists with already well-established reputation, with some of whom we have been cooperating for a long time, and young artists. Criteria of selection by any gallery are always subjective and this is for good, as it provides for diversity on the art market. At the same time we guarantee the observance of such objective criterion as the execution quality of artworks which are displayed at our gallery. We do our best to select artworks by such artists and in such array of styles, manners and trends that they can not only be aesthetically appreciated but keep growing in price.

We are ready for any cooperation and will answer all your requests, wishes and proposals.


Please, pay attention to the fact that tints of colours in digital copies of painting which you can see on our site could be slightly different from the original ones made of oil on canvas. It depends on both cameras, pictures were taken with, characteristics and on each computer monitor characteristics on which paintings are displayed. Normally differences in tints are insignificant.

Price of Painting:

Please, mind that the full price of the painting is made of price shown on the site and delivery costs to certain address.

Confidentiality Policy:

We guarantee that any information given by you in the course of processing your order and possible corresponding shall not be used to the detriment of your interests and passed onto a third party. Order processing and correspondence with you is organised in the way that only one person has access to any private information on our clients.

Can I get a discount if I order several paintings?

Yes. Discount is available when you order three or more paintings by the same artist. Amount of discount is determined by negotiations.

Do you give any documents which confirm the authenticity of paintings?

Each painting is created and signed by its author. Any other document issued separately from an artwork does not guarantee its authenticity but could be attached to a copy to legalise it as the original. Therefore we try to avoid any mandatory attachment of additional certificate of conformity, certificate of origin and the like. But on our clients wish we can attach certificate of conformity to the painting. In this certificate the following information will be stated: author, name of the painting, year of creation, material and style. To receive certificate of conformity with the painting, you need to request it in comments to order.

Payment (purchasing):

Thank you for visiting our gallery. We hope you have enjoyed looking through the paintings presented here. If you decide to buy some of displayed at our gallery artworks, we assist you in every possible way to make this process most convenient for you.

Purchasing process (how to buy):

1. Click the field Ordering/To make an order and pass to Order Form.
2. After filling in all fields, please, click send form button to send the form to our e-mail (
3. On receiving your order, we start handling it. In case we need to clarify details of your order, we contact you during its handling process.
4. Having agreed full cost of order (including delivery, insurance and another payments if needed), we send you invoice.
5. After invoice payment in agreed way we send painting to the address stated by you in the order form.

Guarantee of security purchasing:

To make payment directly on the site, we use integrated specialized software with high level of protection granted to us by the bank we use to process all payments. The software, which we use for payment transfers in internet, ciphers all your personal data, including credit card number, name and address, so that it could not be accessed. Our experience of such payment processing convinced us in its reliability and safety, and that is why we offer it to our clients.

Way of payment:

We can offer you the following ways of payment:
1. The payment directly on the site with your credit card;
2. Transfer from credit card to credit card;
3. Transfer via systems WesternUnion, MoneyGram.
Other ways of payments are also possible on agreement between the Parties.
Anyway, invoice for payment will be submitted to client only after agreeing on the way of payment.


The subject of our primary concern is delivery of painting to the customer. We try to consider all clients requests in delivery issues, providing maximum correlation of delivery cost, safety and speed.
Normally delivery of the paid order is within 7 days from the day of your payment.
Please, remember that price of the painting shown on the site does not include delivery costs.
Both weight of the painting and its dimensions are taken into consideration while calculating delivery costs. Normally paintings, which are made on canvas, are delivered unfolded on stretcher. This is one of the components of providing protection of painting. But sometimes the paintings are sold together with authors frames. In this case, the cost of delivery normally increases.
By agreement with the client delivery is carried out either via regular post or courier services - DHL, UPS, TNT, EMS. Also, delivery is possible via other delivery services or in any other way. On initial stage of processing your order we are ready to discuss any ways of delivery, but all of them should guarantee confirmation of the delivery. After agreement on your chosen way of delivery and its cost, we state this price in a separate line of your invoice.


Each painting is hand-packed using materials which provide maximum safety during transportation.


If painting, which is already bought, is not convenient for you due to any reason, you can refund it within 5 days as from the day after delivery day. To make refund of the painting, you should inform us with e-mail beforehand.
In your message you should mention more convenient way to transfer money to you.
After you receiving of your message about your whish to make refund of the painting, we within 24 hours will send you our reply with recommendations concerning refund of the painting. Next stage of refund will be agreement with you all practice question concerning refund of painting. After all agreements you send the painting on our mentioned address and inform us about the date of shipment and all necessary for tracing and receiving the package. After receiving the package with refunded painting, we inspect its safekeeping and within 24 hours transfer money in agreed before way.
Please note that refund makes for costs of person who make refund of painting. To accept the refund, the painting must not have any damages.


To handle your order fast and without additional quantity of negotiations, please be attentive when filling in the form of the order.

To complete the form correctly, we created this explanation.

To send the form of order on our e-mail address, fields marked by star are mandatory for filling in.

It is necessary to begin to fill the form in with data of chosen by you painting. It is enough to note the paintings name and the artist to complete this chapter.

Next your step is personal data to complete the account. These are dates which we need to submit the invoice of payment to you, and in case of necessity to negotiate additionally. Please remember, that your personal dates are accepted by us as confidential information which is not to be disclosed.

In case if your address dates for order delivery match with dates mentioned by you in chapter The customers dates for invoice completing, you need to fill in only field: The same dates as for invoice inserting word Yes. In case if delivery address is not match with address for invoice submitting (different address), you need to complete all necessary for address mentioning fields.

In the chapter Choice of payments, you should determine with chosen by you way of payment in menu from opening list. If you choose field To pay via site, then after invoice creating, you can pay the order through safety software with your credit card directly from appropriate site page. If you choose another way of payment than mentioned in the list or propose another way of payment (to make this you need to describe it in appropriate field), we will contact you additionally to agreed practice questions of the way of payment chosen by you.

Our delivery policy is in reasonable compromise between delivery reliability and delivery price. The delivery reliability in our understanding is appropriate confirmation of delivery and avoiding of damages of the subject of delivery. According to this proposals we created the list of possible variants of delivery. You need to choose appropriate to you variant and following negotiations concerning price and technology of delivery will base on the your variant. You also can propose your variant of delivery, just filling in field Propose another variants of delivery in the form of ordering. In this case we will discuss with you legality such form of delivery according to our demands to delivery procedure.

And finally the ordering form is finished by completing field Comments to Order. This field is not mandatory to be filled in. But when you do it please mention only information concerning directly to certain order.